I think this is likely a common problem across the network unless I'm doing things wrong... I do remember a Jeff Atwood blog post discussing the regexes used for the editor but it seems to be that you can't make a single letter in a word bold if you want to.

I was trying to write "SalesForce StackExchange" with the capitals in bold, but it seems you end up with single asterisks surrounding the letter in question, for example:


However, as you can see the italic kicks in instead, leaving the other two asterisks pointing. Is this regarded as a bug, or was it a nice way of handling double pointers in C/C++? ;)

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You can - but you have to resort to using HTML directly:

<b>S</b>ales<b>F</b>orce <b>S</b>tack <b>E</b>xchange <br>
SalesForce Stack Exchange

These also work inline.

And yeah, relaxing the interpretation of these (and underscores) tends to do all manner of horrible things to code.

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    Heh, how did I never notice that you could use HTML tags. -10 points to me!
    – Matt Lacey Mod
    Commented Sep 5, 2012 at 4:12

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