While going through the tags I noticed "winter" and "winter13". I think that most will agree winter is not specific enough, and could be merged with winter13, but maybe we should look at this a bit wider.

In a short term, release names such as summer12, winter13 can be useful, but do we want them as tags ?

My opinion: As our content grows, and we progress in time, references to the release names will devaluate, and mean less and less to those browsing our questions & answers.
Who still knows what got added in spring10 or summer08 ? Yet I do think, with the fast release schedule of salesforce, and changes happening, some reference should be set to each question. Correct answers right now may no longer be valid with a future release, maybe not now, but possible in a year from now. As releases will stack up, the only reference future users will have is the stackexchange based "question posted Y-m-d ago", which is not enough. I would like to suggest we discuss encouraging the introduction of api-25, api-26, etc tags, and using them on every question.

I consider this the most correct way of naming releases, and it is also how they are referenced to in the sf documentation, does this look like a good approach ?

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I like this approach, and definitely think we should be using the API version numbers for issues/questions which are specific to a particular release. If it turns out to not be all that useful we can always kill those tags off again later down the road.


I think this approach works when a question has clear dependence on a specific version, but I don't think we should mandate an api-* version tag for all questions as you propose. There are lots of reasons why answers will change and could become inaccurate, and I think we're best off depending on comments and upvotes on the newer answers to elevate the most up-to-date information.

  • Agreed, doesnt mandate api tag for all questions, but for questions specific for a particular version, its better of to have api-ver instead of winter13 or summer12
    – Prady
    Sep 25, 2012 at 10:37

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