I recently offered my first bounty and only was able to choose values of +100, +200, or +300.Now it looks like I have 50 point increments up to +500. Is there something special about your first bounty or is it on a per question basis?

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This looks pretty well explained in the bounty help page

In general:

A bounty is a special reputation award given to answers. It is funded by the personal reputation of the user who offers it, and is non-refundable. If you see a question that has not gotten a satisfactory answer, a bounty may help attract more attention and more answers. Slice off anywhere from +50 to +500 of your own hard-earned reputation, and attach it to any question as a bounty. You do not need to be the asker of the question to offer a bounty on it.


  • To avoid overly promotional bounties, if you are offering a bounty on a question that you have already posted an answer to, your minimum spend is 100 reputation (not 50).
  • Additionally, if you offer multiple bounties on the same question, the minimum spend doubles with each subsequent bounty (50 reputation on the first bounty, 100 reputation on the second, 200 on the third, and so on).
  • Yep, I had already answered it. Thanks for the help.
    – Adrian Larson Mod
    Commented Jun 9, 2015 at 22:17

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