I just want to bring this up for discussion to see the interest among our users in having a community driven blog for our salesforce stackexchange site..

here's a getting started post I came across - guidelines for getting started

There are few communities within stackexchange which runs their blogs - Stakexchange Blogs

I m not saying we should have a blog just becos other sites hv one, but I have been thinking on what can we do in a blog that we can't do with meta / chat that can help our community..

something on the lines of

  • Lot of the our contributors have their own individual blogs, podcasts, etc.. will it help our users if those posts gets mentioned / cross posted here

  • highlight some of our community member's contribution - monthly / quarterly recognitions

  • possibly host a mini hackathon / challenges related to salesforce

  • sharing any interesting / fun / crazy / pain points & facts we face in our everyday life related to force platform that can't go in Q & A or meta

happy to hear more from others on this topic..

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For a variety of reasons, the Community Blogs are no longer being created for sites. While Stack Exchange won't create these anytime soon, we've had other sites request it and the suggestion to them has been to use something like Medium as an outlet. Worldbuilding.SE setup a blog on Medium and you might be able to do the same.

If there is interest in starting a blog for Salesforce, then I'd suggest looking at that route.

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