For those of you who are presenting at DF16, please share with us the title of your presentation, when your presentation is planned for and where it will be held (if you know). I'm confident our members would be interested in learning about your presentation and supporting you if they can.

I just learned a couple days ago that I'll be presenting on User Groups Giving Back to their Community on Tuesday Morning sometime between 8 AM and 10:30 AM in the session for User Groups. Being as I only learned about this a couple days ago, the actual title of my presentation is yet TBD. During my presentation, I'll be sharing what the DallasDevloperGroup has learned standing-up NPSP Orgs and our new DallasGiveForce program which we'll be launching very soon.

So, let's hear about other's presentations!

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Let's make this a wiki.

Tuesday October 4th.

Wednesday October 5th.

Thursday October 6th.

Friday October 7th.

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    Awesome list! Added mine. I'm doing 2 this year (apart from one which is customer-centric). Sep 20, 2016 at 10:55

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