Recently, I noticed that some post from deleted users remain active on the site, I was wondering if some should be cleaned up. Most notably those who are clearly duplicate questions (or questions that have been asked before that already have an answer)

Example: How to convert Datetime datatype to Date format only?

Should it be deleted altogheter? considering the amount of questions that have already been answered on the subject?

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I think it's somewhat context dependent. For example, an upvoted and/or accepted answer may indicate the question is worth keeping, but maybe not if there is reason to suspect that answer poster of some sock puppetry. I'll try to craft a query for these posts, and if it turns up obvious candidates for removal, I will progress through.

  • I am mostly curious about the high volume of 'duplicate/similar/ questions, and considering it being a user that has been deleted, and the question has been asked on numerous occasions, is there any reason why these should not be deleted for deleted users?
    – glls
    Mar 30, 2019 at 16:14

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