As part of suggested edits queue i got an answer to this question which is more than 2 years old and has an accepted answer.

What do we do in these cases to - accept or reject?

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There were two different reviewable events there.

One was a "Late Answer" by a new user - that's a new answer to an old question that needs to be reviewed by the user base.

The other was a "Suggested Edit" by m Peixoto to that answer. Because the edit corrected the entirely absent code formatting, I think it was rightfully accepted. I personally am much more skeptical of small cosmetic edits to very old posts, but I think it's valuable to address shortcomings in new posts in that way.

However, since the answer itself was just a code paste that had no connection to the question other than also using Aggregate SOQL, I've deleted it.

  • Thanks @david, Just did not know what to do since it was not adding any value
    – RedDevil
    May 9, 2019 at 10:49

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