The question I asked here: Why is SystemModStamp missing updates? has been closed. The reason given is "not within this site's scope", but no further explanation is given.

I'd like to know:

  1. How this question, about Salesforce integration with other systems (i.e. getting data out of it), is off-topic?
  2. Where else this question might be on-topic, if not on this particular site?

The issue I'm trying to solve seems pretty critical to me. Two columns - LastModifiedDate and SystemModStamp - appear to not be doing what their names suggest: tracking modifications to records. There is SF documentation about these columns, and plenty of other questions (example) about their intricacies.

If no-one can/wants to answer this question, fair enough. Closing it, however, seems odd.

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I was not a voter on this question, but I suspect that it may have been read too quickly and voters may have misread your question to pertain more to the SQL system you're working on than to Salesforce. I believe that is an incorrect reading and have reopened your on-topic question.

My apologies for the confusion here: you are very welcome to ask about consuming Salesforce APIs and their exact semantics on SFSE, and I'm glad to see you've received an answer and some votes.

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