I've just discovered that AMPscript (a scripting language for Salesforce Marketing Cloud) supports syntax highlighting in SFSE using the language tag lang-ampscript after the code fence (```). Where did that come from?! I've always used javascript syntax highlighting before. Here's one of my AMPscript answers with code highlighting.

Oh, wait, there's one for Apex too! (lang-apex).

Integer x, sign;
// Your code
if (x <= 0) {
    if (x == 0) {
           sign = 0; 
    } else  {
           sign = -1;

Is there a complete list of undocumented syntax highlighting for other languages (SOQL, Visualforce, etc)?

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    Just a note that while this might work now (when the stackexchange network is still using prettify), there is a plan to migrate to highlight.js. So this might not work forever. – Derek F Oct 14 '20 at 11:20

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