The nomination period for the new class of Salesforce MVPs is now open.

  • Submit nominations here
  • Find out about the program and criteria here

We have a number of amazing MVPs contributing here at SFSE (complete list of MVPs is here), and some contributors who might make great additions to the program.

If you have someone to nominate or support for an existing MVP, now's the time to start writing!

Correction: all existing MVPs have been renewed for the next class. Nominate those new folks!

  • We still cannot vote or nominate employees of Salesforce, am I right? Just thinking about you or Lukas Lunow etc. Nov 16, 2020 at 7:41
  • Correct, Salesforce employees can't be MVPs.
    – David Reed Mod
    Nov 16, 2020 at 14:17


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