I am just reviewing the badges from SFSE site. But I can't find no badge is available and awarded for "Well formatted Question"/ "Good Format Question". So does anyone know why?

Behind Story:

Why I am asking means, most of the time we can ask new users to add What you have tried and Where you stuck questions to know that new user tried method/way for that question and help to overcome the issue. So if any badge available as "Well formatted Question"/ "Good Format Question" and awarded into that users who default added those details means it's will kind of encourage for the new users right?

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Badges reward and recognize activity that can be directly measured. There are badges that recognize contributions that are well-received by the community, as measured by upvotes. One example is the Nice Question badge, which is awarded for a question voted to +10. Similarly, the Curious badge (and its follow-ups Inquisitive and Socratic) recognize users who maintain a positively-voted question record over time.

There's no way to directly measure a well-asked question other than upvotes, however.

  • Well Noted. Thanks a lot @David Reed.
    – Raj
    Commented Nov 24, 2021 at 16:28

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