I tried to win this badge, but the site I am on (Salesforce Stackexchange) will only let me vote 38 times in a day. So I can never achieve the required 40.

I have tried to vote 40 times last week as well, but got stuck at 38, the site would not let me vote anymore. I thought, maybe I have done something wrong or maybe other actions count as a vote as well.

So today I tried once more. I only voted, nothing else. Still, with 33 votes given, the site warns me that I have only 5 votes left.

It is starting to smell like a bug.

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Based on What are the limits on how I can cast, change, and retract votes?, the most likely explanation is that you only voted on 8 questions. That would cap you at 38 votes for the day instead of 40.

The exact number of votes available depends on your voting behavior for the day. You get a total of 40 votes per day, which are broken down into 10 "Q-votes" and 30 "QA-votes" per day.

There seems to be some more complexity to it than that, as linked to further in the post. Weighting your votes towards questions earlier in the day, in particular, seems important to being able to hit the 40 vote cap.

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    There's a lot of linked reading you can pore over to better understand. Not knowing your exact voting behavior, I can only guess. That said, I added the [status-review] tag, which should draw some attention from folks who may be able to answer more authoritatively.
    – Adrian Larson Mod
    Dec 28, 2021 at 20:15
  • I guess you are right, I never knew this was so complicated. The description of Vox Populi is quite simple: "Use the maximum 40 votes in a day". The Electorate badge states that 25% of votes should be on questions. For my next attempt I will monitor my votes even more closely. I think Vox Populi should be changed to "Use the maximum number of votes in a day" (which doesn't require you to change voting behavior) or rephrased with the required percentage of question votes. Dec 29, 2021 at 7:14

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