Accessing the question list I now see a huge header and 2 questions, where the votes and answer counts are (for me) less obvious and visible and where tags are more prominent.

The previous arrangement worked better for me, and I wondered what others thought.

mobile experience SUX

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    I don't access on mobile, so can't speak to personal experience or compare to previous looks. But your screenshot looks to me what I like to call (I literally just made this up but I had to say that to make it sound better) Suspect User eXperience. Or for those Among Us players or teenagers among us: Sus UX. Or just SUX, for short.
    – Moonpie
    Commented Feb 12, 2022 at 16:14
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    It's not just you. I find the new format much more obnoxious as well. I think I actually ended up resorting to using the Request Desktop Site mode on my phone.
    – sfdcfox Mod
    Commented Feb 14, 2022 at 13:12


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