I suggested an edit to a question:


The edit was rejected by Community ♦. I don't really mind it being rejected, it wasn't a superb edit, but I think it did improve the quality of the question. My question about this is that the edit I made was later done by another user, and his edit wasn't rejected (https://salesforce.stackexchange.com/posts/11720/revisions). I was wondering why his edit wasn't rejected and mine was (even though mine was actually a bit better).

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The post's author was in the process of editing his post when you submitted your edit. He then submitted his edit, which - since he has full editing rights to the post - was given precedence over your (as-yet unapproved) suggested edit. This caused your edit to be rejected by the system itself - no actual human ever reviewed it.

You might be interested in this feature-request: Dismiss suggested edits which conflict with full edit instead of auto rejecting them

  • I did not know that. Thank you! Commented May 17, 2013 at 7:21

Techtrekker has enough reputation that his/her edits do not need approval. I can't speak as to why yours was rejected, though.

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