To start with this is totally a personal greed/want based question. Please feel free to point out if people here find this offensive/ immature to even ask. I was looking up at gold badges that have been awarded to some dedicated members our SE group. I came to the "Fanatic" category ( User has to visit the site for 100 consecutive days) I saw something that made me question the basis on which the below users were awarded the fanatic badge.

enter image description here

How are the badges awarded to users who at least look very new based on their reputation.Are these test user accounts from Stack exchange (or) are these 2 users genuinely visiting the site everyday and posting/ answering nothing at all ?

  • A fine question - the gamification is one of the StackExchange features that makes it fun!
    – metadaddy
    Jul 25, 2013 at 1:23

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I suspect they might be accounts leveraging a script or similar to visit every day, or they could even just have the site set as a home page. I can't find the Jim Paris account right now so it looks as though the network's anti-abuse stuff might be in operation already, I guess we'll have to watch out to see what happens with the other one.

A few times I've made attempts at hitting 100 days but then a weekend away or something comes along and I totally forget to sign in.

  • Weekends are exactly where I fall of from my 100 days target :(.
    – Rao
    Jul 25, 2013 at 4:23

Both users are definitely scripts, take a look at their profiles. 101 and 88 accounts respectively all with fanatic and enthusiast badges.

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