I always notice that many questions about salesforce are asked over there. Sometimes I remind the new user that there is also an extra forum for Salesforce under stackexchange so we can get more questions and users here. Do you think it is okay?

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Defo ok !

Even that our site is still in Beta, I think we have a steady ground of users here. It's something SO might not like, but it's the standard way of things with new sites.

  • Any idea when StackExchange | Salesforce goes GA (as opposed to Beta)?
    – Bartley
    Sep 16, 2013 at 8:05
  • It was mentioned in the SE podcast that it had graduated... but that was a while back already — not sure how long the process takes!
    – Matt Lacey Mod
    Sep 17, 2013 at 23:34

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