I'm in two minds about this question: Sales Cloud Certification sample implementation assigment

On the surface I'd say it's way too open and high level, but then I did consider the idea that we could have one wiki answer for it and actually build something up that helps people. What do you guys reckon?

  • I agree, the only option for such a question to stay is wiki-style. Either covert it now, or edit it to by known that it will change to a wiki.
    – Saariko
    Commented Nov 27, 2013 at 7:01

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I responded to the question. I interpreted the question as asking if there was an existing workbook/assignment for the Sales Cloud Consultant exam, similar to how the Force.com Fundamentals book is a fairly comprehensive book for preparing for the Developer certification. I didn't interpret it as asking us to create an assignment, although it is kind of worded that way.

There does not exist one, as far as I know, so I suggested writing a functional spec for the implementation that is in the Salesforce online training course that walks through a Sales Cloud implementation from a Sales Cloud Consultant's point of view.

There might be a third party workbook or training that has an example implementation that someone else might know about.


Initially, I liked the wiki idea, but then I thought about extending it since we've had similar questions regarding ADM201 and DEV401. Could/should we create training exercises for those certification as well?

Here's why I decided I don't like the wiki idea and think the question should be closed: this site is about specific problems and not about giving general training. Yes, there's enough knowledge here to create a fairly comprehensive implementation problem, but that's not the type of question for this site. If we did that for one question or part of Salesforce people would expect it for others and I worry about a slippery slope.

Note: I do like wiki answers, especially the idea proposed for testing code. I see that one differently because we the same questions come up frequently and it would be nice to have a canonical answer to refer new users.

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