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How is Populist badge calculated?

According to the badge page, Populist badge is calculated as follows : Highest scoring answer that outscored an accepted answer with score of more than 10 by more than 2x. This badge can be awarded ...
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Tumbleweed badge received after two months. Shouldn't it be after one week?

I just received the Tumbleweed after two months while its description says: Asked a question with zero score, no answers, no comments, and low views for a week. I suppose that is probably is due ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Canonical-qa, badge hammers, and you!

So, I'm getting pretty close to obtaining the gold apex badge. I've read that gold badges ~= moderator for that tag, in that a vote to close by a gold badger means that question is closed. The ...
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My Salesforce stackexchange profile seems reset?

My Salesforce stackexchange profile seems being reset after I added my peronal email address as a new login. My personal email had a profile before, but I had deleted it, and added the email to new ...
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New Badge suggestion - Bounty Hunter [closed]

So, bounty's are great and all but many times they are more involved and time consuming to answer. Many times the bounty offer is not enough to attract interest / participation or the question itself ...
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Design Issue: Reputation Gold Badges Not Visible in Meta

In Meta, I'm not seeing the Gold Badges display for reputation. Are others seeing the same issue here? They appear fine in the regular forum. Here's what I'm seeing.
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Badges Badges how do they work

To start with this is totally a personal greed/want based question. Please feel free to point out if people here find this offensive/ immature to even ask. I was looking up at gold badges that have ...
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Badge progress for all badges

Is there a way to see the progress for the all badges available? For example i want to know when i will get a "Popular Question" badge - so i need to explore all my questions and take a look at all ...
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Why doesn't anyone have the beta badge?

I noticed that there are 0 users that earned the Beta Badge. Anyone know why there are 0 users that earned the badge? I googled for it and found some answers like this one from Jeff Atwood, but it ...
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Question on badges

I am not able to understand the badging process of this site for eg : Nice Answer Answer score of 10 or more By what I understand from the above, anytime I get an score of 10 I should be ...
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Challenge: Laying the Foundation (with Badges!)

Since the mission to earn the vox populi badge went pretty well... I challenge you to earn a foundational trifecta of badges: Autobiographer, Analytical, and Quorum. This community is off to a great ...
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