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What chat rooms are available to users?

A recent meta discussion made me interested in seeing what chat rooms were available. I remember seeing a few rooms, but not being interested in having discussions in those rooms. Now, I can't seem to ...
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How can I invite users to a chat room?

Adrian helped set up a Marketing Cloud chat room, which is great, however I would like to invite users to join it. I thought I could do this by mentioning others. I've tried following instructions on ...
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How to fix Chat Favicons?

We recently introduced a new logo. However, our chat is stuck in the stone ages. How do we get the chat icons/favicon updated?
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Can we vote to rename chat?

"Salesforce" is kind of a lame name for the default chat room. Let's make this something more interesting! Vote for your favorite(s) below, or add a new one.
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Is there a way to invite a user to chat

Is there a way where I can invite a user to a chat room instead of doing back and forth sometimes to resolve an issue? SFSE pops the chat invitation only when a certain number of comments are posted ...
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