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Was this question closed for the wrong reason?

[This is my first Meta post, so please be gentle....] The following question was closed as being Off-topic (as viewed when on the main question page) and "Not suitable for this site" (as ...
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1 answer

Add an "outdated version" custom close reason

Related to: Close Question For Being Too Old? Let's add a custom close reason for questions on an outdated version of the Salesforce platform! (Not a question that is based on old-but-accessible ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Is It Really Opinion-Based, Though?

One of my recent posts garnered a lot of attention. We had several new users join our exchange just to comment on it. In asking the above question, I wanted to know how a somewhat popular topic fits ...
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Should we be asking questions regarding Open Source Salesforce Software?

Regarding System.NullPointerException: Attempt to de-reference a null object Class.UserAccessDetailsController.getObjectLabels: line 290, column 1, I discovered that we're using the exact same code, ...
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What is the criteria for a question to be "Not Constructive"?

I've seen two questions lately that I thought might be candidates to be closed as "not constructive"; the first has been voted up quite a lot but the second was closed. In my opinion, both of them are ...
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Closing unanswered questions

Questions like this: Can we close so that the % answered shows up better ? Some questions just stay there and ...
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2 answers

I Asked a Yes/No Question That Was Then Closed For Being Too General? Why?

The question was accompanied by a detailed explanation to ensure that the question was clear, but the question was still yes/no. Why was it closed by jordan.baucke, Peter Knolle and Saariko? The ...
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