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Prompting the OP to upvote on an idea on Salesforce IdeaExchange

Is asking the OP to consider upvoting an idea in Salesforce Idea Exchange (provided the idea is relevant to the feature the OP is looking for) an acceptable comment? For example, see comment in this ...
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Why can't I at-mention this user (content not allowed)?

I tried to reply to a user by way of comment on my answer, which normally I do all the time to make sure they get the comment, but this time, when I tried, I got the generic "Comments cannot ...
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Is copying someone else's comment template for new users considered as mean/bad practice?

Recently I've started reviewing the First Posts queue and very often there's the same thing to say to a new user which is asking to take a tour, read how to ask a question etc. So one time I saw a ...
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Provide Comment to Question as Answer vs Providing an Answer

At times i see people providing answers in comments vs actually providing an answer. I went through the below post to understand when to Comment vs Answer. What is the etiquette when it comes to ...
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How Can We Encourage Civility?

Only You Can Prevent Flame Wars Let's try to keep the tone civil in our comment threads.
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Should I post my comments as Answers?

I posted a comment something like "What you are trying to do, won't work and pointed to an answer to solve the problem" for Question - 1. Both OP and @Rao, suggested to me post the comment as answer. ...
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Comment Thread Blowing Up

On this question: The comment thread has gotten way out of hand. Is there anything we can do to bulk resolve ...
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Unable to format newline comments?

Enter/Newline is not working (two spaces at end) with comments? Because other formatting working. Do I miss something?
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Better formatting for comments and Promoting comment to answer

I have seen two things that can be improved while answering. Promoting comment to answer Better way to provide code snippets in comment Promoting Comment to Answer Comment usually helps us to get ...
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Comment Notification Feed Not Working

Is anyone else noticing today that the comment notification feed isn't working for them? I'm not getting any notifications of responses to comments I've made even though I know they're being posted. I'...
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What is the etiquette when it comes to questions answered in comments?

I see a user attracting downvotes in two places now: eg: Fetch License from sandbox eg: Error while trying Webservice A casual observer may see those answers as parroting of others' commentary, so ...
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What should we do with non-answers when the user can't comment?

In this question a new user came in late and added a "did you ever figure this out?" answer. The proper thing would have been for the user to comment on the original question, but since he's new and ...
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Do I comment or do I edit?

There is a really great answer to a question out there that I voted up. But I'm finding myself quibbling with the wording of one particular statement. I'm not certain, should I just go in and edit? ...
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Why is the @user on the comments, not working always?

I am trying to add a comment, and address a specific user, but his name, isn't popping out. Is that since the site is still in beta? the page on SE Meta doesn't mention anything about this.
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