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Are code examples a requirement for asking questions?

I recently asked a question on the Salesforce stackexchange which had to do with a general use pattern between apex controllers and lightning components - no code examples were provided, because no ...
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Down voting the very first question from a newcomer?

I have seen many times that a question asked by a new user is down-voted because of its quality. I think this is pretty discouraging for a person asking their first question. What if instead of down-...
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Down Vote Time Limits

There are times where a question does not have enough information and the question is down voted. During the time the user is editing the post several other users come along and down vote as well. By ...
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Why and when I would get -1 when i downvoted some questions or answers which is not appropriate?

I tried to downvote an answer which i felt the reply was not an appropriate answer. But while doing so, I saw -1 reduced from my reputation score. But this was not the case with some other questions ...
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Can someone see who downvoted the post or answers?

I'm curious to know whether someone able to see the person user id or name who downvoted their questions or answers in
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A very unexpected downvote

Someone has just downvoted my question and answer for this question: Dynamic number of columns in a pageBlockTable I can only assume this is some sort of retributive voting, as this is the highest ...
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Criteria for downvoting

Why did this que get downvoted twice ? I thought the question had enough details. Even looking at the ...
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Downvoting in general

I've just noticed this question currently has a score of -1. I'm not sure why, but as an beta site we need to be wary of downvote trends. The question isn't mine, but I'm concerned. The question ...
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