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Can "Welcome to SFSE" pre-canned response be added to the First Post Queue "Share Feedback" option?

I spent a little time this morning in the moderation queues; something I haven't done in a while. While in the Low Quality Posts queue, I believe there was an option to include a pre-canned welcome ...
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What is meant by red mark on review queue?

I can see red mark on suggested edits review queue. If I click on the queue it appears to be clear and there is nothing to review. What could be the reason? Is it a known bug?
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Bad quality question reviewers

Is it possible to see who reviewed a question of someone who did a First Post? Found a question in the queue, someone asking how to write code for something, I was surprised to see there were no ...
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Is there a way to choose if you use the Badge Hammer or not

Having the badge hammer is a bit of a double edge sword. There are times when you may think a question has a duplicate but are not sure. Especially during review... It would be nice if there was an ...
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Review low quality questions: What to choose for people asking to do their work

People often flag questions as low quality when the person didn't try anything already and is asking the community to do their work. So when I try to review theses questions, I have these ...
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Discrepancy between review alert and actual queue

Anyone else notice the difference in the queue count icon and the actual review queue. I find it quite annoying.... Here it shows 8 items, but the actual queue is empty. The variance also varies and ...
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"Too many of your edits were rejected" While Accessing the Review Queue

I got 500 Reputations today and can see 'Review' in the Top. That means I got the Privilege "Access Review Queues". Privilege Type: Moderation Privilege Awarded At: 500 Reputation But in Review Queue ...
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