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Apex - 0% Code Coverage! [migrated]

I've developed a trigger that converts a currency field, Amount (i.e. $1,000) into words, Currency_text__c (i.e. One Thousand). This is achieved via Salesforce a 'FundingAwardTrigger' on the ...
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Webassessor account has been deleted from Salesforce side. How to escalate to higher level?

I wanted to register for new certification exam in webassessor but when I tried to login, it threw incorrect username and password error. I tried to reset password multiple times but I haven't ...
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Can we please stop marking SFMC MobilePush SDK questions as off-topic in Salesforce StackExchange?

Example: Android Studio Warnings with SDK 4.6.1 [on hold] This item is relevant and clear. In fact, I know the answer to the user's question and it required no additional data, but it has been put ...
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Salesforce World Tour @ CeBIT 2016

Salesforce World Tour 2016 has started! Is someone going to go there? It seems to be a great event for all who are interested in Salesforce (developers, consultants, start-upers etc). I am going to ...
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