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Salesforce Hot Network Question

Has at any time a question on Salesforce Stack Exchange made it into the list of Hot Network Questions? I very much doubt it - but if so, what question was this?
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Incorrect Answer accepted as Correct

Observe this question. I believe that the accepted answer leads people to the entirely wrong conclusion. Trigger flow can be controlled - it must be done manually. The answer accepted as correct ...
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does nobody care about beta? [duplicate]

I've been a member of Salesforce StackExchnge for over a year now and yet it is still in beta, the site stats look good and don't see any reason why it should still be in beta. Can anyone explain to ...
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Stack Exchange for iPhone is here!

Not sure how many people are aware but the long awaited Stack Exchange app for iPhone is now available. Read blog post here - ...
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How to re-enable hats?

How does one re-enable hats? I accidentally clicked I hate hats though, in fact, I very much enjoy them.
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Anybody using codereview.stackexchange?

This morning I saw a question asking for a code review so I thought about recommending the OP post at codereview.stackexchange until I noticed that they only have one Apex question, total. Should we ...
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salesforce tag on SO - should we change it to advertise?

On a chat on I started to ask what about SO questions. They offered the following example of what android did
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