In connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected [from an earlier thread]( have been compiled into this one, which shall now serve as the space for the candidates to provide their answers. Due to the submission count, we have selected all the submitted questions, plus our base 2 and 2 extra questions, for a total of 10 questions.

As a candidate, your job is simple - post an answer to this question, citing each of the questions and then post your answer to each question given in that same answer. For your convenience, I will include all of the questions in quote format with a break in between each, suitable for you to insert your answers. Just [copy the whole thing after the first set of three dashes]( Please consider putting your name at the top of your post so that readers will know who you are before they finish reading everything you have written, and also including a link to your answer on your nomination post.

Once all the answers have been compiled, this will serve as a transcript for voters to view the thoughts of their candidates, and will be appropriately linked in the Election page. 

Good luck to all of the candidates!

**Oh, and when you've completed your answer, please provide a link to it after this blurb here, before that set of three dashes. Please leave the list of links in the order of submission.**

To save scrolling here are links to the submissions from each candidate (in order of submission):


>1. **What voting practices would you encourage users to adopt?** This kind of dates back to [Why aren't people voting?]( and how to encourage a positive community through voting. How can we use our votes to encourage useful questions and answers?

>2. **Are you currently employed by Salesforce (Such as the Developer Evangelists)?** We've previously had [@metadaddy]( as a moderator who was at the time on the Salesforce Developer Evangelists team. I felt this was a large benefit to the SFSE community as a bridge into Salesforce. It's certainly not a requirement to being a moderator.

>3. **How do you plan to manage the quality of new user posts?** We get a flood of new users each month, and in general that is a good thing! We want our community to grow. But the question quality is often quite poor, and there is a learning curve to adding valuable content on the Stack Exchange, with different subtleties for questions and answers.

>4. How would you deal with a user who produced a steady stream of valuable answers, but tends to generate a large number of arguments/flags from comments?

>5. How would you handle a situation where another mod closed/deleted/etc a question that you feel shouldn't have been?

>6. **As a moderator, how can we help to increase the acceptance rate?** being with the site for few years now, one thing I see different compared to salesforce developer forums or success community is a large percentage of our questions stays open without any accepted answers. how can moderators pitch in to help increase this and what considerations should be taken care in doing this?

>7. **How would you encourage User participation off SFSE?** I haven't been fortunate to go to Dreamforce (yet!), but do attend the Salesforce World Tour in London and I've often seen posts around Dreamforce and other World Tour meetups which is great. How might a moderator go about encouraging people to engage outside of Stack Exchange?

>8. **How would you be managing the flag/action to be taken on the SFSE in parallel to your daily work?** As the site in continuously growing and everyday new users joining it. This would generate a lot of expected and unexpected posts to the site which require action by moderators. I would like the know response time to be taken by moderator to resolve those actions. Do you commit to allocate a time slot to investigate and resolve flags?

>9. In your opinion, what do moderators do?

>10. In what way do you feel that being a moderator will make you more effective as opposed to simply reaching 10k or 20k rep?