Have been out of pocket for a couple days and missed all the activity. I don't feel the question is entirely opinion based; particularly after reading through the responses. In fact, I intend to add my own thoughts based on my experience and observations to the thread once it's reopened. I think it's very relevant to Salesforce for several reasons. ...


I wasn't one of the voters and cannot speak for their mindset. But reading through the question and its comments, Pepe's comment strikes me as crucial and unanswered: why do you need to merge it? It is not clear to me what the merged value is even supposed to mean, so this answer needs to be there. Beyond that, none of the specific attempts nor errors are ...


My suggestion: This unanswered question refers to an outdated and unavailable version of the Salesforce platform. The issues raised here are no longer relevant. I would also suggest only closing unanswered or poorly-answered questions like this.

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible