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Johnny Cosgrove
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On Twitter @JB_Cosgrove

Over the years, I have been involved in hundreds of projects, most of which involved the analysis, design, management, and communication of information and insight.

My experience spans six key domains:

  • Data-driven strategy
  • Analytics, research and intelligence
  • Systems design, data modelling and business analysis
  • Writing, editing and publication
  • Communication, press relations, engagement, facilitation and speech-craft
  • High Performance Team (HPT) leadership

I have designed and deployed innovative business system solutions and empowered decision-makers through effective data management and BI methods. I have created powerful quantitative scenario models and presented those models in an interactive corporate environment. I have drafted government policy and provided reports and briefings to senior Government Ministers.

My experience spans a range of topics and sectors, including higher education and training, public policy, construction, property, mining and energy, information technology, retail, economics and social media.

I have a passion for cloud platform solutions. I am a Certified Developer (WI14) and a Certified Administrator (SU14).

I am a member of the International Institute of Business Analysis and am competent in requirements gathering methods as well as agile methodologies.

I enjoy managing collaborative, high performance teams, where the continuous development of my staff is the highest priority.

I am an experienced public speaker, presenter and group facilitator. I am comfortable on a green screen, behind a lectern or in a boardroom.

I am also a highly experienced writer, editor and publisher, across many styles of written communication:

  • Process, Requirements & Data Model Documentation
  • Instructional and Technical Writing
  • Original Content Authorship
  • Editing
  • Web Copy
  • Press Releases
  • Speech Writing
  • Policy
  • Reports, Briefs and Applications
  • Infographics
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