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Avijit Chakraborty
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♚ My career in technology

As a Salesforce evangelist, I bring my expertise in building/transforming CRM vision for organizations. My passion is working across different technologies and help organizations to build a cost-effective CRM strategy or transform existing Salesforce CRM in a powerhouse.

♜ Career overview

I combine a strong background in IT from development and coding through my 15 years of IT experience. This experience has taught me how to build and maintain applications. Throughout my career, I have served clients and companies, and helped them to increase the efficiency, adoption of different modules and applications, saved millions for my clients, organization I worked.

♞ How I keep myself up to date?

I learn a new thing every week and mastered it in a month. Trailhead and Salesforce certifications are my best guide in this matter.

♟ How do I connect with others?

One of my virtue is I can relate to others and build a long term relationship based on trust and mutual respect. My ability to explain complicated technical things in a non-technical way is one of my virtue; my ability to tell a story is the key to accomplish this.

♛ How do I lead?

My leading style is not unique, somewhat influenced by some great leaders I had worked in the past. I lead by being an example, make by team members accountable while ensuring the quality. I make sure they are motivated, encourage them to exceed their goals. I believe identifying the strength and weaknesses of a team member is very important for the lead.

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