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Ancient wisdom teachs that knowledge is an illusion. I've "known" many for years, decades, only to find them stangers. Then I'll meet you and look into your eyes and "know" that I have "known" you for centuries. We have no need for facts, merely truths. The heart speaks volumes while the mind utters mere non-sense trying to sound impressive. What would you know of me? That I'm a rich man without money? That I'm free without being independant? That I'm a nocturn that loves the sun? A libertarian and a fascist? An aetheist with many gods? That I'll support both the cause of chaos and order? That I spend every second living and dying? That I live in the crossroads of Heaven and Hell? I spend my life alone in a crowd and with abundant company when on my own? Paradox after paradox it might seem... that's where knowledge gets you. Every one of these statements and so much more is true for I have ever been a paradox without contradiction. Now I seek a key to open a door that isn't locked, to free a bird that has already flown... It's a key I'll never have but never be without... it's such an obvious thing despite it's clever hiding space. These are the things you should know. Or maybe not... maybe you should never know these things... can you bear to know them? Can you live in a universe where these things can be true and still make sense? Perhaps it is better if you know merely my heart, that it is so ready to love when I find a woman ready to accept that love. Perhaps you should merely know my mind, full of patience and understanding, ready to aid you on a spiritual quest even as you aid me on my own. There is so much to know... and it is ultimately so much of nothing. Make of it what you will... These are only so many words and as much as I enjoy words, they are nothing but a means for deception and miscommunication. The heart sounds nothing but a quiet beating and that says it all. Listen to my heart and I shall listen to yours. That is all I ask for, all I want, all I need.

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