mario ruiz

Software Engineer specialized on the web platform and email communications. SFMC certified consultant. I'm looking for new opportunities to grow up, share knowledge, improve myself and taking new challenges in life! I believe in God, I’m husband and father.

I've completed a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences.

I got certified as a Consultant on Saleforce Marketing Cloud. I worked on the email platform and all sms campaigns. I'm an eager learner and encouraging myself to go beyond and apply the accurate tool for each job/requirement.

I have been reviewer at Manning publications.

I like to read js from many resources as I can: books like “Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja“ from John Resig (jQuery creator), “You Don’t Know JS” series.

Thanks to these great people/companies that has shaped my career: Ethan Marcotte and Karen McGrane. Smashing Magazine book sand articles, A list apart articles, Lars Vogel, Pope Francis, Ben Nadel, Chris Coyier, Lea Verou, Marc Grabanski. And video courses from: frontendmasters.com, pluralsight.com, safaribooksonline.com and recorded or live stream Conferences.

I feel comfortable also in Linux. I have the experience to recompile the kernel and install linux from scratch using floppy disks or from a LAN internet. My flavor is Debian/Ubuntu. I love Open Source. I consider linux as the root of the Open Source.

I love the web revolution.

Thanks for taking the time for read about myself. Read more on me on https://www.linkedin.com/in/mario-ruiz-font http://twitter.com/marioruizfont https://github.com/web20opensource