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Greg Finzer
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I am the owner of Kellerman Software. I have several open source and commercial products. Visit

  • Free Quick Reference Pack for Developers
  • Free Sharp Zip Wrapper
  • NUnit Test Generator (also generates xUnit and MS Test stubs)
  • .NET Caching Library
  • .NET Email Validation Library
  • .NET FTP Library
  • .NET Encryption Library
  • .NET Logging Library
  • Themed Winform Wizard
  • Unused Stored Procedures
  • AccessDiff (Compare Access object and data differences)
  • .NET SFTP Library
  • Ninja Database Pro (Object database for .NET, Silverlight, Windows Phone 7)
  • Ninja WinRT Database (Object database for Windows Runtime)
  • Knight Data Access Layer (ORM, LINQ Provider, Generator for SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Firebird, MS Access, VistaDB)

Here is my open source project:

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